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Two Colors
Endless Creativity

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The All-New Dual-Action Airbrush.

How Does It Work?

Our photochromic paints change color when exposed to sunlight/UV light and revert to their original color once you take them indoors.

What Can I Make?

Explore your creativity and customize a myriad of materials and objects with our photochromic & thermochromic paints.

See what others have made in our Gallery.

100% Waterproof Paint

Once the paint is fully dry, it not only becomes completely waterproof but seals the surface its applied on as well.

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Photochromic Pigment Powders

Create inks, resin epoxy, water-based mediums, plastic, gels, acrylic and so much more!

Yellow To Red
2022's Most Popular Color

Get creative this fall with the Yellow to Red Photochromic Paint. It's yellow indoors and changes to red in sunlight!

What People Are Saying


I can't believe I waited this long to try these paints out. They're absolutely incredible and the best thing I've ever used.

Ella S

I have been making custom shoes for years and never heard of this type of paint before. When I found out about them, I was so excited and it turned out great. It's easy to apply, looks really good!

Terry M

Amazing item. Worked incredibly well, only tip I have is to use an airbrush! Using a standard paintbrush will reveal streaks because there's more paint in some areas. Haven't had any complaints! Also amazing customer service along with freebies!!

Brady Q

I bought the paint set for my kid and the colors are insane! All he does is paint all day! We've never seen him so happy. Thanks for this amazing product.

Paulette W

Great communication and insane fast shipping. Ordering more today.

Jason B

This stuff is amazing and draws attention wherever I go. The quality is amazing

Molly Y

Very cool color changing product. Product changes as descripted and company very good to deal with.

Mark W

This paint is super cool, I got the white to pink and I like it a lot. Customer service was super helpful as well and responded quickly. Definitely would recommend!

Megan C

So excited to try this! I opened the package and it came with a little blue light, at first I wasn’t sure what it was for and then I tapped it on the color changed in the bottle exactly, pinpoint precision where the UV light hit. This stuff works and I can’t wait to use it and share with everyone! So excited!

Allison B
The All New
Dual-Action, Trigger Style Airbrush

• Precision-crafted body for a balanced feel in the hand.

• 3x Capacity Cups - 2CC, 5CC,13CC.

• 3x Straight Shaft Needle - 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm.

• Fully Compatible With Langus Goods™ Paint & Water-Based Paints Out Of The Box.